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The WUFI Analysis Program | Philadelphia, PA


My ultimate goal is to deliver the most thoroughly investigated reports and testimony possible. In order to do so I utilize the WUFI analysis program to compile structural issue reports for lawyers. WUFI is a state-of-the-art program that analyzes heat and moisture changes over time in building envelopes. I've had a great deal of success applying this program, along with similar mathematical analyses, to building walls and roofs during me building envelope investigations.

Enhancing Expert Reports

This process is often very revelatory, showing moisture problems caused by poor design or inappropriate material use. If used in the design stage, WUFI can even prevent problems. Incorporated WUFI results into my expert reports has been an effective strategy in gaining favorable settlements for attorneys I've worked with. As a rule of thumb, I will perform a WUFI analysis for any case that has moisture problems involved in it. This analysis is also available as a discrete service.

Using the WUFI Analysis Program for Your Case or Project 

My focus when applying the WUFI analysis program is to provide the most accurate and effective assessments for my clients. I believe in simple, practical solutions that incorporate the best in modern modeling techniques to deliver reliable results when they’re needed most. 

When a legal case or major building project is on the line, precision matters. It can be the deciding factor in decisions about life-altering compensation or top-level decisions about the future of a structure. For that reason, I take great care to replicate my success with this program through meticulous application that’s filtered through decades of experience in the industry.

Avoiding and Identifying Structural Issues

WUFI works because it’s a program tailored to the task at hand. While many architecture experts can offer insight into potential problems related to moisture, my use of this specific type of analysis lends added credibility and depth to my reports. Often, even a slightly more thorough approach can completely change the conclusions one can draw about a given structure or situation. 

This is where my expertise with WUFI matters most--where it impact real lives. I use this program because it’s proven to be an invaluable tool for some of the most critical and complex projects I’ve worked on. Whether you need expert testimony to serve as the foundation of a legal case or professional assistance investigating your own building’s envelope, there’s one name you can count on--G. Peter Vander Heide, AIA. 

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