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A Knowledgeable Architectural Expert Witness in Philadelphia, PA

You take it for granted that a building features quality construction. However, there may be underlying flaws that can lead to disaster. If your structure becomes the focus of an investigation, it will help you seek help from someone familiar with building design. An unbiased assessment could provide the answers investigators seek. Determine the overall condition of a building with an evaluation from an architectural expert witness in Philadelphia, PA.

At G. Peter Vander Heide, AIA, we provide expert testimony for cases involving structural problems and construction flaws. Envelope problems are sometimes the focus of structure-related lawsuits. A building’s roof, foundation, and walls make up its envelope. Our team uses high-tech tools to conduct envelope modeling, which helps us evaluate a structure’s materials and how the environment might affect them.

We work with plaintiffs and defendants and use our knowledge and information drawn from depositions to provide you with thorough reports. Also, we will appear in court at your request.

In addition to serving as an architectural expert witness, we can offer general project advice. Our versatile staff also provides commercial, industrial, and residential design services that help you create unique buildings. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation.