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Design Services

Design Services from a Leading Local Architect in Philadelphia, PA

Buildings are about more than just the brick and mortar that hold them together; buildings are statements of who you are, what you do, and what you believe in. As a local architect in Philadelphia, PA, I’m trusted by residential, commercial, and institutional clients to create unique, attractive, and functional spaces that satisfy all their requirements. I’ve seen too many clients simply existing in their spaces, as opposed to thriving in a productive and positive environment. That’s why my design approach is all about helping people fall in love with their homes, workplaces, and institutions.

The Design Process

The design process starts with the pre-design consultation phase—the phase I consider most essential. During this meeting, I listen to your wants and needs, and then I present 3D computer models, allowing you to visualize your ideas. This also makes it easier for us to discuss the small details, such as textures, spatial relationships, light sources, colors, and more. It’s these small details that result in a truly successful architectural project.

What I Offer

Residential Design Services

I’m passionate about working with prospective homeowners to create a home that they love. My residential services are for clients intending to live in the home themselves, whether they’re looking for a fresh start or simply looking to renovate a certain living space.

Commercial Design Services

Commercial spaces must strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. You want your commercial space to look great while simultaneously featuring layouts that emphasize productivity and sales. My clients appreciate my in-depth knowledge of how cost, longevity, culture, and utility come into play when creating successful business locations.

Institutional Design Services

Schools, housing authorities, municipal buildings, and churches place function above everything else. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an architect who knows how to optimize spaces to benefit any group type. Count on me to suggest the layouts that will help you reach your institutional goals.

Project Documentation Services

My clients depend on me for comprehensive project documentation services before, during, and after their construction project. This documentation can be referenced at any time and helps to avoid any potential design miscommunications or unforeseen construction issues. Additionally, these services help to estimate the time that each section of the construction project will take, depending on the available resources.

Contact me today for more information about my design and documentation services. I look forward to consulting with you about your dream project.

Residential Design Services | Philadelphia, PA