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Design Services

Commercial And Residential
Design Services | Philadelphia, PA

In addition to my expert witness services, I offer a wide range of professional services, from pre-design consulting to project documentation services and all forms of commercial design services and residential design services in Philadelphia, PA. Your time is needed to assure targeted services. Contact me for a free consultation on how I can assist you in reaching your goals relative to buildings.

Many of these services are enhanced by my facility with three-dimensional computer models. I find there is no better way to communicate with clients about spatial relationships, texture, light, and color, which make so much difference to the success and satisfaction of a project.

My early experiences in the building industry were focused on building more than designing, and my business education added to my bottom line orientation. Overall, the client must be satisfied if his budget, schedule, and vision permit it.

Residential Design Services

Residential design is and should be very personal. I usually work for owners who will be occupying the spaces we create together. Whether it's that tear down at the shore or adding on a bath, family room, or in-law suite, I start with a three-dimensional computer model of the existing site and explore alternatives with my clients.

Commercial Design Services

Commercial designs are less personal and more program-driven. My business education (resulting in an MBA) helps me relate to owners' and managers' concerns of utility, cost, longevity, and culture.

Residential Design Services | Philadelphia, PA

Institutional Design Services

My institutional design services are influenced by my consulting work for architects designing schools, churches, senior housing, and municipal buildings, as well as my time working for the City of Philadelphia in the Department of Public Property. Complete documentation is as essential as clarifying the vision of the project.